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if obama does win. some republicans say we should always have tax increases. others like tom cole say if obama wins -- it is going to be a problem for speaker boehner. remember, banner and the president seemed so close to having a grand bargain. a lot of those ideas will go back on the table. including raising the eligibility age. >> do in the talks but kicked back up between the speaker and the president? >> yes. whether there is a deal or not, it is going to be a harry reid, john boehner, president obama conversation. barring the outcome of the election. but it will have to cut some deals. because the rest of them will be so divided there will not be able to do anything. speaker boehner are is going to have to except the split. there is no way he can get them all to vote for a deal. >> mitch mcconnell could be in the middle. >> what is governor romney wins the presidency than a? >> i think if he wins, they do call the whole thing off. it is very hard to argue that he does not deserve the right to have his own budget. you will do that and the first few months of 2013. it is hard to i
swing states, those numbers have been the same way. in colorado our latest polling shows barack obama down by four points. these numbers are moving in similar fashion across most of the states, with one big exception, ohio. in a high of the numbers show that it is 48-48. there is great enthusiasm from republican voters across the country. the democrats appear to have a stronger ground game and we are seeing that especially in ohio. before we get into all of that, we have two guests and they've both say they have said things they regret they have informed me that is not accurate. governor rendell is someone who speaks his mind freely on nbc and obviously served as governor of the great state of pennsylvania. i want to start by asking them about their home states. can mitt romney win? >> i would say yes the pennsylvania is in play. and i would say that it is probably the best bellwether of what happened over the last three weeks. the their campaign is particularly active in a pennsylvania. they have not been running many television ads because most campaigns thought it was going to be i
-smart and have a tough job, but president obama is right here. one is to my right, one is to my left, and the president is sitting on the stool, and they are both looking at me, saying yes, i did, now i did not, and i felt like this feels so familiar. i instinctively said well, he kind of did, but, and then turned and said the larger point -- i wish i had then -- -- i wish i had been -- that was shorthand. >> a lot of people ask me about if i thought it was appropriate, and aside from you be my friend, i defended you anyway because it is not that you interjected, but that you had it right when you interjected. that is the key. >> it would of been bad otherwise. [laughter] >> than we had a conspiracy theories that i had a transcript with me. i knew that was willing to come up? as you know, as reporters, things stick in your brain. you don't know where they come from. >> they only do if you have done the work. >> i wish i had been a tiny bit more articulate in the second that i was saying to romney you are right, but, and when i said the first thing, people started to applaud, which st
to vote for? these are telling me that the tactics that president obama is using, talking about diners, bayonets and big birds, they're rubbing people the wrong way. in part because they want to focus on jobs in the economy, which is this big, darker issue that the country is facing right now. it's worrying people a lot. and so, the idea that he can talk about things like the binders comment, which is really just a play off a comment that mitt romney made during the presidential debate, where he talks about his desire to hire a lot of women. and it's not helping him. i think that's reflected in the poll numbers because you're seeing right now romney is tied, or seems to have a kind of momentum moving into the time week. that's just what pollsters are saying. i think democrats feel that this will help particularly with women voters, because they make up the majority, and if they can kind of put forward this argument that mitt romney wants to take away somethings that are very important to them, then they can get the edge amongst that party leck rate. which in a very close election can b
that president obama and my husband are making quality investments to move us forward on education. i'm also involved in this election as a woman who cares about the direction of our country. i have seen barack and joe said that for our rights and freedoms every single day. -- stand up for our rights and freedoms every single day. the very first law put an obama signed with the lily ledbetter. the president and vice- president know how important it is for women to make our own decisions about our own bodies, our own health care. [applause] so many women of my generation have fought hard for roe versus wade, access to contraception and for equal rights. we don't want out daughters and granddaughters to have to go back and fight the same battles that we fought decades ago. [applause] we cannot forget about the importance of the supreme court in the direction this country could take. finally, i care about this country. about this election as a military mom. our son beau is a in the delaware national army guard and he served in a rack for a year. -- iraq for a year. i had the honor of meeting ma
obama and mitt romney gave a keynote address last week at the 67th alfred smith memorial foundation dinner in new york city. it is a fund-raiser for each candidate to joke about themselves and the 2012 campaign this is president obama plus the second time attending. he appeared with senator john mccain of could 2008. this has been a fixture at the campaign dating back to the 1960's. this is about 40 minutes. veblen' >> i would like to say that dr. kissinger. . he told me it is his favorite dinner. we have many distinguished guests tonight. the governor is working and some material for his 2006 dinner speech. he gets closer and closer to the putnam every year. chuck schumer is here. there's recently a story about a him actively playing matchmaker among the staff. 12 marriages resulted. it is safe to say that he has stopped trying to work across the aisle. he's pushing them down the aisle. congratulations. congratulations for getting coverage from the only section in the new are times that does not already covered you comment the wedding section. -- cover you, at the wedding section.
that obama signed. it got us just back to where everybody thought the law was all these decades. there is a bill regarding the paycheck fairness act that is a modernized and updated and deals with some of the loopholes in the equal pay act to help us. it is an economically important issue for women. it did pass the house at one point. it ran into a filibuster problem in the senate. it has yet to pass the paycheck fairness act and vigorous enforcement. these are critically important steps for women's economic security and the security of their families. now we know that women do not work for "pin" money. [laughter] women need paychecks to keep their families going. the children need them. the women need them. this is no laughing matter. this is a technicality. -- no technicality. these are hard core policies that politicians decide upon that women need to be informed about in making their own decisions when they go to the ballot box. even more important than what their decision might be when they go is that they do go. i have to say that one of the things about encouraging women
as we choose. >> watch engage as president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate. our preivew starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern followed by the debate at 9:00 and your reaction at 10:30. >> back from their annual party conferences, members of the british house of commons return for their weekly question time with prime minister david cameron. the prime minister answered questions on the national health service, youth unemployment, and britain's relationship with the european union. members paid tribute to labor members who died over the parliament break. heproblem and i'm sure they will be addressing it. >> order. questions for the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me in paying tribute to the servicemen who tragically have fallen since we last met for prime minister's questions. lance corporal dwayne grew a first by john grenadier guards, sergeant and private of the third battalion yorkshire regiment, sergeant johnson coops of mechanical engineers, captain james of the royal en
, they are happy to have you president barack obama their number. -- they will put you on their number because they will not put you on their do not call list. they don't have their internal do not call list that they will honor. they would then put you on more lead lists for people who are at home that of working from numbers and answer the phone that lessens the message and press the number. perversely, you will get even more calls that way. that may be different if it is your school district: new or your doctor or something like that but for a sales-based robocall, we tell consumers it is made a mistake to press water to, just hang up. >> i will admit to personal experience which is not particularly helpful. a number of years ago before got involved in law enforcement we're talking about today, i received a number of phone calls. i pressed one to say please don't call me anymore. it did nothing so i decided to press 2 to talk to somebody about the product or offering and that did not help. that made more calls come to made. when you start trying to get information that might be useful to la
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9